With a legendary two-year-long waitlist and a reputation for impeccable work, Dr. Woo is a tattoo artist with an air of luxe mystery. Since his debut nearly two decades ago, he’s become the go-to for celebrities looking to get inked, counting Zoe Kravitz, Justin Bieber, and Kid Cudi among his illustrious roster of clients. And while Woo’s still known for his in-demand artistry, he’s recently begun to expand his reach with a new venture: skincare. 

The gender-neutral Woo Skin Essentials line is designed for both for the freshly tattooed and virgin-skinned alike, consisting of a no-nonsense gentle soaps and a fragrance-free moisturizer. With a crew of less than ten dedicated creatives, the Woo team has spent the last year attempting to cut through the noise in a saturated space while connecting customers with Dr. Woo and his mission — and they’ve been doing it all with video. “Video is, by far, the most dynamic way to connect with the consumer,” says Miguel Garcia Castillo, Founding Partner of Woo Skin Essentials.

Starting with skincare

After years of working different skin tones, textures, and sensitivity-levels, Dr. Woo knew there was a gap in the market for a simple line of essentials that would meet a need for anyone looking to take more intentional care of their skin. “I wanted to create a clean, sustainable product that speaks to me,” he says. “I knew it would speak to others with sensitive skin.”

But it wasn’t just a retail need Woo and his team wanted to meet. Woo’s original launch plan was put on hold due to the pandemic, so they made the call to launch their soap early — putting all early net profits towards an LA-based org supporting families and children. “This skincare project is something close to my heart,” adds Dr. Woo.

Prioritizing simplicity

Like their hero product, the Woo ethos is all about high-quality simplicity: something that reaches beyond their product line and into their marketing strategy. “We use video to share our brand story, our journey, and our product innovation,” says Miguel. “It allows us to share that information in a much more dynamic way than still imagery, while also building a stronger connection with our clients.”

Beyond its ability to connect, the Woo team’s commitment to video remains strong because it works. “Video has helped us increase conversions by 3x over static imagery,” notes Miguel. The Woo team has also witnessed an impressive 7x return on ad spend in paid social campaigns, along with a 300% boost in engagement, when compared with still marketing assets.

Decisive distribution

The Woo Skin Essentials team splits their time between working with agencies to shoot video content and making in-house content themselves, and they make the most of whatever content they create. ”We use video throughout our website, on native and paid social, and in initiatives and brand partnerships,” reports Miguel. “We use Vimeo to make embedding anywhere super easy, and to house all of our video content in one secure hub.”

And while Dr. Woo and his team have already made a skincare splash, they won’t be stopping there. “We’re a full product development studio, with a mission to explore and create everyday goods and services that help us live fulfilling and creative lives,” adds Miguel. ”We’re developing fashion, home decor, art, and things we haven’t even thought of yet.”

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