What do a lifestyle brand, an electric motorcycle company, and a sustainable shoe start-up have in common? They’re all using video to change how customers experience their products.

From high-flying drone footage to user-generated reaction videos, these brands are using Vimeo to share and embed content that’s delivering real results for their business.

Watch their stories below.


The founder and head designer of Tarform­ — a Brooklyn-based startup that makes electric motorcycles powered by clean technology — believes that it’s up to mission-driven brands to build products that are environmentally conscious as well as beautiful. The company relies on captivating embedded site videos to express its values, product features, and, perhaps most importantly: the thrill of the open road.

Why Tarform uses video: “Our ambition is to inspire people to adopt a more sustainable mindset. Video is one of the most impactful ways to share these stories and spark conversations.” – Taras Kravtchouk, Founder and CEO of Tarform


Just last year, Dave Costello and Micah Heftman launched Kengos, a shoe brand committed to making footwear a force for good. Before Dave even had a prototype in hand, he knew that he wanted to create a product that both inspired customers and designed smart solutions for their problems. He also knew that video was the best way to communicate his beliefs around manufacturing, climate change, and fashion.

Why Kengos uses video: “Video lets us tell our whole story in a way that’s so much more vivid than words and pictures alone. And that’s important. Because what we’re doing is important. And video makes it possible.” – Dave Costello, Co-founder of Kengos


With the world in a state of crisis, a sudden demand for medical face masks inspired evolvetogether founder Cynthia Sakai to take action. Last year, evolvetogether sold 10 million face masks. This year, the team is expanding their product line into more everyday essentials, and investing in video to build a community of people devoted to making the world a better place.

Why evolvetogether uses video: “Videos act as a kind of invitation to people. It’s an invitation to a community that wants to help make the world a better place for all of us, together. And that’s pretty powerful.” – Cynthia Sakai, Founder and CEO of evolvetogether

Chapter 20

In 2020, just as on-the-go sanitizers became an accessory du jour, Chapter 20 hit the market. But crafting a messaging strategy for a product that has a wide range of use-cases — think hand sanitizer meets sunburn salve meets tattoo aftercare — is easier said than done. The solve? High-quality video, that’s already performing 28% better than their photos. 

Why Chapter 20 uses video: “Video lets us get beyond the functional, so we can create a feeling of knowing that you’re clean. And Vimeo Create makes telling that story so much easier.” – Justin Kerzner, Chapter 20 co-founder

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