With a global workforce over 300,000 strong, Stellantis – maker of brands like Peugeot, Fiat, and Chrysler – knows the importance of scaling, well, just about everything. “We are within the top five automotive manufacturers in the world,” says Phil Price, Head of The Performance Academy, Stellantis. “As the learning and development sphere grew, we very quickly realized that it’s really all about what we can provide our workforce to improve performance.” And so, The Performance Academy was born. 

Based in the automotive capital of England, the folks at The Performance Academy produce thousands of hours of training content for Stellantis employees – but in order to keep up with their ever-growing employee base, they needed a repeatable way to share information with teams across the globe. “We’ve spent a huge amount of time looking at how people want to learn,” says Phil. “Video-based virtual instruction is the future.” 

A member of the Vimeo community for over a decade, the team has always seen the value of video. To that end, Stellantis has shifted their focus away from in-person towards a fully online strategy. “With face-to-face training, you have to replicate it 10 times with 10 separate costs,” he says. “With video, scalability has no limit.” 

Learning without limits

“We have, on average, about 350 hours’ worth of assets available in a week,” notes Phil. “Behind that 350 hours, we’ve probably got tens of thousands of hours worth of content that we’ve established and developed over the last 12 years.” 

This catalog of content means every employee can learn when and where is best for them. “Our training is available 24/7,” he adds. “That’s important, because we see people doing it on their own time, because they know it’s going to improve their own performance.”

Powerhouse productions

Now, The Performance Academy is expanding to near-daily live streams, from sales trainings to board-level communications. To pull it off, The Performance Academy has continued to invest in their production efforts, operating as a mini Hollywood studio in the heart of Coventry, England. 

“Look at where we are today,” says Phil. “We’re in our own studio. We’re in our own ability to animate an overlay, do anything that we want to. Anything you could see in a movie, we can now do in The Performance Academy.”

Partners for growth

Now empowered with professional production tools and a crack team of L&D experts, The Performance Academy uses Vimeo to produce, host, and distribute their work. “As the learning and development sphere has grown, Vimeo has continued to develop its delivery methods, models, and reporting,” says Phil. “We’ve really benefited from that.”

“Vimeo as an organization is thinking about, ‘How do we take this great work and give it to an end user?’ The benefits that we have working with Vimeo is that we’re in control,” notes Phil. “It’s a testament to scalability, right partners, right team members, and right ideas for what the future looks like.”

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